SJW’s gotta SJW, ESPN style


Breitbart posted a video in which ESPN’s Sarah Spain (who?? – Mr. Fool) blasts the Baltimore Ravens for gauging fans’ interest in signing Colin Kaepernick.

Because reasons.

While Spain’s reaction can be seen here, this is how Breitbart described it:

Monday on “Around the Horn,” ESPN’s Sarah Spain ripped the Baltimore Ravens for their decision to gauge fans’ interest in bringing on free agent Colin Kaepernick to fill in for injured quarterback Joe Flacco, calling the move “disgusting” and “repulsive.”

“[T]he idea that they would think that this is a time they need to poll their fans and care about whether people want to see a player in the league is disgusting,” Spain argued.

“It’s repulsive to me that someone who hasn’t even committed a crime and did nothing more than speak out against something that is a serious issue in our society and is now donating millions of dollars and time to that issue is somebody that we need to ask the public if they are willing to watch play football,” she continued. “It’s gross.”

Sarah, it looks like I need to explain something to you as simply as possible.

After all, fools like to keep things simple.

Football, like all professional sports, is a business. A business that wants to stick around for a long time needs to make sure its customers are happy. If they aren’t happy, then they won’t be buying what the business is selling: tickets, beer, jerseys, ball caps, anything. If it doesn’t make any money, then it won’t be able to hire people to work in a concessions stand, let alone sign a quarterback to a multi-year contract.

In Kaepernick’s case, last season he was one of the first football players to protest police shootings of black men by taking a knew during the national anthem.  Those protests were among the factors behind declining TV viewership that season. Therefore, if the Ravens are considering signing Kaepernick, it makes eminent sense for it to guage how its fans would react.

That’s good business. It helps everyone who has a job in the NFL keep it.

Still don’t like how the business works, Sarah?

Then work in another one.