Not all gifts are good

Gift or curse? Over the past few days, I am afraid I have identified something within my personality that is a cross between a talent, a gift, and a curse. On at least two occasions, I have had conversions that have gone along the following lines:

  • I state a position on a particular topic.
  • Someone else states an opposite position on the same topic.
  • We find ourselves at an impasse.
  • I make a remark so tangential so as to sound arbitrary.
  • The other person responds with a caustic remark that indicates a dark soul.

I was surprised by both outcomes. However, the common theme between both folks is that each have an extremely hostile attitude towards those who are: a) Christian and b) believe that each individual has a natural right to defend themselves (a la Second Amendment). In many ways, what I have experienced is similar to how leftists react to Trump. His alpha behavior brings out the worst of his opponents, much to the left’s dismay, and everyone else’s delight. While Trump doesn’t necessarily act so as to lead to their ridiculous responses, he doesn’t really care how foolish they look, either. It would be one thing if instances such as these would lead those who make really nasty remarks an opportunity to look in the mirror and reflect on the state where they are. However, my experiences has been none who have found themselves in this trip have been either willing or able to do so. I honestly do not know what to do with this observation. I am not intentionally baiting these folks into making their remarks, yet the remarks, indeed, are made. What I do know is the last thing I want to do is purposefully bait people into making nasty remarks. Because if I were to do so, the other person’s soul may not be the only one that’s black.