Behold, leftists, the white nationalists you helped create

The identity politics of the left has led to the identity politics of the right.

Mark Shea links to an NPR interview with Richard Spencer, an avowed white nationalist who discusses identity politics in much the same way as a leftist would. It’s just that he’s focusing on white people rather than on another race, gender, or sexual orientation.

It is clear that Mr. Shea, and the NPR interview, are disgusted with Mr. Spencer. So be it.

Perhaps a natural question to ask the NPR interviewer would be whether she has objected when leftists talked about people outside of his or her particular identity in a similar manner.

I’m curious what her answer would be.


One thought on “Behold, leftists, the white nationalists you helped create”

  1. But, but, but the people at NPR are correct. Only people like Spencer, the racist, homophobic, bigot, are wrong and have to be called out.

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