Hillary uses campaign finance technique that she would outlaw once in office

In July, Hillary Clinton promised to introduce a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision within 30 days in office. As her spokesman put it:

“The amendment would allow Americans to establish common sense rules to protect against the undue influence of billionaires and special interests and to restore the role of average voters in elections.”

However, her promise doesn’t appear to be stopping Hillary from taking advantage of that undue influence while the getting is good.

ZeroHedge highlighted a Bloomberg study indicating that the Hillary Victory Fund is using state democratic committees to launder donations from wealthy individuals to the Democratic National Committee. In essence, wealthy donors can take advantage of the current framework of campaign finance laws to donate up to $366,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund. The fund then sends the maximum contributions to the Hillary For President campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and state democratic committees. The funding diagram looks like this:

Hillary Victory Fund

The beauty of this arrangement is that once the state democratic committees receive the funds, they have the flexibility to send it to the DNC, which can then decide which state and national campaigns, including Hillary’s, to finance.

Bloomberg also shows that 83% of all money distributed by state democratic committees to the DNC originated from donors that had already maxed out their $33,400 contributions to the DNC.

In other words, it appears that Hillary is taking advantage of the very loopholes she wishes to close once she becomes President.

How convenient.